a valentine’s day for f2fb friend #96 susan eastman

oh, wait, it’s not valentine’s day! but okay, maybe it’s valentine’s day in chapel hill!

i was surprised by the new joy in susan eastman’s life–i guess when i was nineteen i assumed that love, particularly romantic love, couldn’t come into one’s life when one was so boldly prime time as sixty years old. in fact, i thought everything became quite settled. placid. dull.

wow, am i wrong! every facebook friend i meet is the star of their own reality show and not some bit player in a family drama. susan met gene last august but didn’t go on a first date until january–and since then, well, susan, how old are you two?

there are billions of us on earth, and 700 million on facebook and sometimes it’s a little overwhelming. but also very beautiful. i don’t think there’s any galpal more beautiful than susan eastman right now!

2 responses to “a valentine’s day for f2fb friend #96 susan eastman


    Sweet, yes…and Susan didn’t even mention what a wicked texter she can be! Some weeks ago, I was driving home from Chapel Hill, and received a text while negotiating the Beltway outside Washington, DC. The nature of her message was such that I totally missed my exit, on a particularly complicated section of the highway. This is another very good reason that we should NOT drive and text, or even READ texts!!! 😀 ~Gene

    • arlynnpresser

      you are so sweet!!! and i’m sure sorry i’m missing meeting you as i am off from chapel hill on sunday and you arrive on monday! take care to be good to her! as she hopes to be good to you!

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