attention all bloggers! you want to know my friend OJ!

not this oj! well, do what you want but this oj is not, as it happens, my facebook friend.


last night, my father justin (f2fb friend #30) flew in from tallahassee and he made dinner for me and my facebook friend #306.  i never would have thought this would happen, not just because i never thought i’d meet friends 31 all the way through 306, but because last february when i first met justin as part of my facebook project he had experienced a psychotic episode precipitated by a combination of drugs he was being prescribed as part of his treatment for cancer.  go back and look at those blogs.  they’re brutal.  it wasn’t a good visit.  however, this visit is to last a week and so far, it’s just great.

my friend oj dorson drove up from the city where he works as an IT specialist for a law firm.  he had an exciting idea. . . and he started with a question:

what had i ever intended to do with this blog?

i realized that mostly i wanted to capture the friendship experience, to chronicle what i had done mostly for the benefit of my two sons.  children rarely understand their parents so i wanted to create something to let me be more understandable to them someday.  and i wanted to rid myself of some demons, put some closure on some experiences, test the boundaries of possibility.

then he said he had some particular magic — some might call it software. OJ (facebook friend #306) wants to help me create a book which would chronicle last year’s visits to all my facebook friends.  think of it!  an e-book wit embedded video and photographs. . . !  and you can do this with your blog as well!  think of whenever you started to chronicle what your journey was about–think about putting that together.  now–don’t you want to know my friend oj?

in honor of oj's presence, justin cooked chicken l'orange. he roasted some chicken pieces in olive oil. took the chicken out and set it aside. put a can of orange concentrate into the pan, with a little paprika for color. stir gently. put the chicken back in. serve with rice. modestly accept praise.

my facebook project has blessed me with new friends like oj, with a greater perspective and tolerance for the world and also has allowed me to gain peace with some of my life.  with the help of my facebook friend #306 oj dorson i might also create a book!

tomorrow:  facebook gets me a job and eight extra children!  maybe it can do that for you too!

8 responses to “attention all bloggers! you want to know my friend OJ!

  • Stuart Otway-Smith

    My life has been pretty empty due to pharmaceutical addiction, I am finding that social networking and blogging my thoughts and feelings is helping me become a better Human.

    Being new to Facebook, Blogging and social networking has opened up a whole wrath of knowledge and information that is not only useful to me but after I have posted it on my blog could be useful to others.

  • siggamag

    Wonderful! I remember when you visited your dad and really felt for you, it must have been so tough. But, like everything else, you got through it and look at the rewards! Have a wonderful time with your dad. I miss mine so much.

    • arlynnpresser

      i am so sorry about your father, it’s amazing how we can be in our middle years and we are still so completely affected by our parents. . . much love to iceland, i have flowers blooming in my yard what are you guys like?

  • living4bliss

    How exciting. I can’t wait for your new e-book. Glad you put the PJs away, aren’t you?

    Happy First Day of Spring.

    • arlynnpresser

      thanks! i’m having a pj day alas, but i’m being philosophical about it. i will get back ongame tomorrow!!! happy first day to you! thank you so much this weekend you absolutely made me!

      • living4bliss

        I am so glad that the PJ days are temporary. I am also glad that I was able to brighten your days. You just don’t know how many people you are helping with your courage and inspirational story. Keep strong and keep blogging my new friend.

        I don’t spam, but I did write an article on my blog with you in mind. If you have a chance, read it It is called Out of Darkness and it is about my own struggle and how I came out of it.

        Hope it helps you.

  • Julia Kovach

    Love this, as usual, Arlynn! You are one class act, my dear. Good luck with the book. It sounds like a best seller and a movie of the week! xo

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