in the face of such beauty, get a stylist, a designer, a mirror, a screen . . . or flee to las vegas

los angeles is a place of great beauty and i’m not talking about the topanga mountains, the pacific ocean glittering at its feet, or the sun that slips into the western horizon without asking anybody to say “thank you” for its warmth.  no, no, EVERYBODY in los angeles is a great beauty and what do great beauties require?  a stylist, a designer, and some screentime.

my two chaperones reggie joe and vince p. are my facebook friends.  reggie is being deployed to afghanistan in a few weeks and my fondest wish is that he use this trip to make the acquaintance of beautiful women.  and that vince will drive him.

i walked out onto the sidewalk this morning–it was empty because sidewalks are a recent invention and los angelenos are rightfully cautious of them.  everyone lives in their cars, preferring to park them in the middle of one of the many fourteen lane highways and freeways that criss cross the city.  nonetheless, there was a real sidewalk outside the hotel and rather than drive the rental car across the street to the starbucks, i thought i would rough it.  the valet at the hotel was concerned.

there were screens everywhere.  advertisements and commercials and previews for upcoming movies on the sides of buildings.  i watched them and thought that i would never have to buy a television if i lived here.  i’d just have to look up to the sky.  i noticed that vince and reggie can’t sleep unless the television is on.  without the sound.  is this some sort of culture shift?   or am i just sleep deprived?


f2fb friend #323 jackie byrdsong is a natural ageless beauty who claims to have no stylist, no designer, just her own sense of what to do, what to wear, what is for her and what will not work.  i adored meeting her finally.  her daughter and i share some phobias and we talked about how to overcome them.

vince p. and reggie brought with them a sunglasses designer stevie boi.  stevie and i can’t be facebook friends because stevie is a public person with over three thousand people following or “liking” him.  he tweets a lot and instagrams and does all sorts of things that make me feel that having a facebook account is a bit passe.  nonetheless, he is fashion forward.  he explained to me that his sunglasses have appeared over 25 times in vogue magazine.

sunglasses by stevie boi.  can i pull off this look?

vince, reggie, stevie and i spent the rest of the afternoon meeting with stylists, designers, and people who “pull” clothes for celebrities.  you think kim kardashian just wakes up every morning looking like that?  but i got stevie boi to give me some fashion advice i can take on the road with me!

tomorrow, las vegas which i understand to be a sleepy, rural enclave where people are a lot more “real” and “down to earth”. . . i’ll feel much more at home.

One response to “in the face of such beauty, get a stylist, a designer, a mirror, a screen . . . or flee to las vegas

  • tpaige3

    Funny post, ArLynne! Very succinct way of Expressing your observations about LA…the crazy thing is…it sounds like some made up place, yet is very, very real….and I love it! Glad you got to experience it and have some fun while you were here!!!

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