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what happens in vegas, goes EVERYWHERE!

dear h.,

loved the fact that you had fun in vegas.  a trip there with the friends before returning to afghanistan?  all on it.  naked billiards?  well, i wouldn’t do it because my naked flesh would alarm all participants, but i’m fifty two.  you’re young and gorgeous and i happen to know that for a fact because i’ve seen the pictures.

just before my facebook friend reggie (on the left) was deployed to afghanistan — after two tours in iraq — i went with him and vince p. (on the right) to vegas. i will only admit to losing money at the black jack tables and reading an uplifting book in bed by my lonesome by ten every night. i’m sure reggie and vince read uplifting tomes as well.

maybe your youth can explain the terrific naivete in believing the oft repeated truism that what happens in vegas stays in vegas.  but please, h., that’s just a saying.

there is no privacy.  no way to keep pictures from reaching tmz.com or radaronline.com or even just your grandmother who has a facebook account of her own.  what i find interesting in meeting my facebook friends is that ninety nine percent understand that everything they post and comment and like and twitter and update is going to be seen by everybody.

the pictures have even been published in the sun! but there’s some good news. . . .

h, it’s been a rough week–your girlfriend chelsy has broke up with you, your grandmother is all in a snit, they’ve made you and your cohorts take down your facebook accounts–that was such a cute code name spike wells!

on the other hand, you received a ten million dollar offer to headline a vegas show and you’re so adorable that you’ve got close to 20,000 “likes” on a facebook page devoted to giving you a royal salute:

the facebook page has people posting all sorts of fun pictures of themselves giving the “harry salute”

the facebook page “support prince harry with a royal salute” is sort of fun.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/336283586466687/

in any event, h., i really mean to say, do what you want in vegas as long as it’s consensual and everybody turns in their cell phones before the party gets started.  i appreciate your service in afghanistan and the fact that you’ve never shirked your duties.  and if it weren’t for the minor vagaries of cellulite and gravity, i’d salute you myself!


bestest, arlynn


i should be what stays in vegas

in vegas, with my facebook friend chaperones reggie and vince, we planned on meeting up with facebook friend niteen joshilkar.  i was very interested in meeting him because he has done me the most important favor in this facebook project.  when he noticed that i was receiving so many friendship requests that i was teetering on the edge of 5,000, he created a “public profile” page where people who want to keep track of my adventures can subscribe and send me messages.  i was grateful.  but also i think niteen is wonderful.

alas, niteen was in florida stuck in meetings and missed his flight.  so i had some time to kill in vegas.  i asked only one thing:

alas, we left the next day without any new shoes and with niteen having never gotten back to his home in vegas.  but with all the poker, the free champagne, the food, the dazzling showgirls, i think the most fun was going to the monet exhibit at the bellagio hotel.

at lax airport, i asked vince and reggie for their postal addresses.  i wanted to send them thank you notes for their valor and courage in being my chaperones.  because no matter how close you feel to a person you correspond with on facebook, myspace, linkedin, etc., you should allow for safety first.

easy enough to send vince p. a thank you note but reggie is being shipped out to afghanistan in two weeks. so for the moment, he doesn’t have a fixed address. . . just like me. so instead, i have to say it here: thank you reggie! i asked him what he wanted in care packages and he replied toilet paper and food. lots of food. will do, captain!


i’m terribly sad that i missed meeting niteen joshilkar.  but flight has delays, cancellations, booking problems, hassles.  and so i will wait and try again.  meanwhile,  i look forward to turning fifty two and thinking i am part of a wonderful adventure–life!

facemash becomes facebook becomes friendship matchmaking

facebook was originally a term given to the student directories that certain schools gave out to make remembering the name of the cute dude in calculus easier.  harvard, where mark zuckerberg attended, didn’t have a facebook but several of the fraternities and sororities had their own individual facebooks.

mark had a little fun by hacking into the databases for these facebooks and creating “facemash” — an online game of “hot or not” in which players rated side by side pictures of their classmates. the game attracted 450 players and 22,000 views in the first four hours. mark got into some trouble and was nearly expelled but then he decided that “facemash” had tapped into some primal needs for connection and for looking at cute potentials. facemash didn’t ask players to rate pictures of adorable kittens, inspirational thoughts, or team logos–all of which have been or are presently used by some of my facebook friends!

mark played around with other similar applications, eventually hitting on what we now use as facebook.  facebook sometimes makes us believe we have a rich and varied social life when we really haven’t even gotten out of bed all day.  and facebook sometimes brings people together who wouldn’t normally interact.  one of the surprises of my new years resolution to meet my facebook friends was discovering how different and yet how similar i am to my friends.

this past week i went to los angeles with two chaperones reggie gholston and vincent peters.  i sometimes take chaperones because it’s a good safety measure.

i also took these chaperones because reggie (on the left) is being deployed to afghanistan in a few weeks. he will be gone for a year and my “care” packages will include smokes, toilet paper, and food. both vince and reggie are my facebook friends, but they are more than that. they are my buddies.

one of the facebook friends i wanted to meet was #324 brandon day.  he is a twentysomething genius who ran into a bit of trouble a few years ago when he experienced full on agoraphobia.  it was difficult for him to explain to his family and friends what he was going through–panic attacks that made it impossible for him to get beyond the front door.  i think with facebook people can connect and relate their common experiences and they don’t feel so alone or so weird.

and that’s an even more important application of mark zuckerberg’s genius than offering the world the opportunity to rate their fellow humans hot or not.

brandon’s genius is in the creation of phone apps, video games and whatnot.  through the magic of facebook i am friends with sarah, whom i visited in detroit.  she is agoraphobic.  and she wants very much to create video games, which she oughta be real good at because video games is how she gets through her day.  i introduced the two of them via facebook and when i met brandon we had a message for her.

brandon is working on a phone application and website to help agoraphobics like sarah and our fondest wish is that the three of us will be together for lunch in los angeles, detroit, chicago, london, paris, rome?

meanwhile, on the other coast, last night i received a message from facebook friend michele piersiak.  she lives in staten island and has had trouble leaving the house for a year.  i visited her and she felt i was “safe” to walk around the neighborhood with.  we talked about major goals–hers is to become a psychologist who helps people with social anxieties.  and then we talked about minor goals.  i think of minor goals as the things that may sound silly to other people but they are building blocks for your major goal.  michele’s is to have dinner at laconde verde, a restaurant in manhattan owned by robert deniro.  there are reservations under my name for august ninth!  in order to do that, she has had to make mini-goals of walking around her neighborhood on her own, going to shops and stores, using public transportation.  just yesterday, she readied herself for the laconde verde lunch by going to lunch with facebook pal carolyn quinn.  facebook matchmaking.

you can play hot or not on facebook, but i think facebook and other social networking sites have a lot more to offer. or maybe i am just worried i’d get a “not”!

after saying goodbye to brandon, the chaperones and i headed for las vegas where we would ultimately end up with friendship tragedy.  still, if our adventure could be a moviemash it would be “driving miss daisie” and “the hangover”. . .

in the face of such beauty, get a stylist, a designer, a mirror, a screen . . . or flee to las vegas

los angeles is a place of great beauty and i’m not talking about the topanga mountains, the pacific ocean glittering at its feet, or the sun that slips into the western horizon without asking anybody to say “thank you” for its warmth.  no, no, EVERYBODY in los angeles is a great beauty and what do great beauties require?  a stylist, a designer, and some screentime.

my two chaperones reggie joe and vince p. are my facebook friends.  reggie is being deployed to afghanistan in a few weeks and my fondest wish is that he use this trip to make the acquaintance of beautiful women.  and that vince will drive him.

i walked out onto the sidewalk this morning–it was empty because sidewalks are a recent invention and los angelenos are rightfully cautious of them.  everyone lives in their cars, preferring to park them in the middle of one of the many fourteen lane highways and freeways that criss cross the city.  nonetheless, there was a real sidewalk outside the hotel and rather than drive the rental car across the street to the starbucks, i thought i would rough it.  the valet at the hotel was concerned.

there were screens everywhere.  advertisements and commercials and previews for upcoming movies on the sides of buildings.  i watched them and thought that i would never have to buy a television if i lived here.  i’d just have to look up to the sky.  i noticed that vince and reggie can’t sleep unless the television is on.  without the sound.  is this some sort of culture shift?   or am i just sleep deprived?


f2fb friend #323 jackie byrdsong is a natural ageless beauty who claims to have no stylist, no designer, just her own sense of what to do, what to wear, what is for her and what will not work.  i adored meeting her finally.  her daughter and i share some phobias and we talked about how to overcome them.

vince p. and reggie brought with them a sunglasses designer stevie boi.  stevie and i can’t be facebook friends because stevie is a public person with over three thousand people following or “liking” him.  he tweets a lot and instagrams and does all sorts of things that make me feel that having a facebook account is a bit passe.  nonetheless, he is fashion forward.  he explained to me that his sunglasses have appeared over 25 times in vogue magazine.

sunglasses by stevie boi.  can i pull off this look?

vince, reggie, stevie and i spent the rest of the afternoon meeting with stylists, designers, and people who “pull” clothes for celebrities.  you think kim kardashian just wakes up every morning looking like that?  but i got stevie boi to give me some fashion advice i can take on the road with me!

tomorrow, las vegas which i understand to be a sleepy, rural enclave where people are a lot more “real” and “down to earth”. . . i’ll feel much more at home.