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will you be my beta reader?




imitation and yes i’m flattered

imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, the english cleric and writer charles caleb colton opined in his 1822 book “lacon or many things in few words addressed to those who think”…  and i think i’m really flattered.   in 2011, i endeavored to make good on a new year’s resolution to meet all my facebook friends.  there were 325 friends and sometimes, as is the case for so many, i would look at my facebook home page and some status update and i’d think “who is this person, why am i friends with them, and why should i like their link to a lmao video?”

i sallied forth and spent a year getting face time with every friend.  i traveled around the world because some of my friends have the misfortune to not live in my dear sweet hometown of winnetka.  i learned a lot of new skills–you should definitely invite me over if you have a champagne bottle you want opened with a saber sword or if you want boxing lessons.

ty morin has made a resolution quite similar to mine, hoping to meet nearly 800 of his facebook friends.

he is hoping to complete this project in three or four years.  he began his quest with a kickstarter grant campaign to raise travel and production money.  he’s even got a title for the documentary he will make about the project–friend request accepted.  he’s getting a lot of press and he intends to make this project speak to our interactions with social media.  he’s visited with 20 of his friends so far and figures the project will take him three or four years.

yo, marky z, you've brought together a lot of people with  facebook!

yo, marky z, you’ve brought together a lot of people with facebook!

i wish him every luck and want him to know that charles caleb colton is absolutely right:  i’m flattered!

facebook breakup

Tuning out Facebook for weeks at a time is commonplace, according to the Pew Internet and American Life Project, which found that a majority of the current Facebook users it surveyed have at one time or another tired to the point of avoiding the social-networking site.


Pew used Princeton Survey Research Associates International to conduct the actual telephone interviews with a representative sample of 1,006 adults in the U.S.

The Pew study found that 61 percent of the Facebook users who responded have taken extended, weeks-long breaks from the site. Those who have taken Facebook sabbaticals did so for the obvious reasons: 21 percent were too busy, 10 percent lost interest, and 10 percent felt it was a waste of time.


(Credit: Pew Research)


friends for life, with or without facebook

my facebook (and real life friend) jeff barnes sent me this picture of best friends harry o. fischer and my grandfather  fritz leiber.  the two met in college and remained friends for life.  and this was before facebook!  the inspiration for fritz’ s series of novels set in the land of newhon came out of a board game the two created.  in february while others are fretting over what to do on the fourteenth, i’m going to be thinking about  the fromances of my life.

harry fischer and frtiz leiber

harry fischer and frtiz leiber


easiest place to be asked out on a date should be . . . .

heading out to new york for further facebook travels and as usual, i get the treatment.  but i’m thinking i have a right to be treated as a lady, to be treated as more than just a bootie call (well, actually, i’m the one who initiated the bootie call by buying a plane ticket). . .


what’s the worst the t.s.a. has done for you?

a sword pulled like excalibur from my chest by my enemy ativan

discharged from roosevelt hospital. e.k.g., enzymes, blood sugar, platelets, liver function, pancreas, kidneys are all normal. it’s not a stroke, it’s not a heart attack, it’s not a collapsed lung, a wayward pancreas, a liver in revolt. why i should be in agony for thirty six hours, feeling like a sword has been plunged into my chest is a mystery medical science is not yet able to solve. but the solution? intravenous ativan and as it entered my veins i thought “noooo!” because i have worked so hard to be free of this drug and then “please, yes” as the sword–like excalibur by arthur–was pulled from my chest. . . i am without pain, sleepy, and just want to find my way home.

i woke up two days ago and couldn't shake this feeling that i had been the one to plunge the sword into my own heart..

i woke up two days ago and couldn’t shake this feeling that i had been the one to plunge this sword into my own heart.


i have worked very hard to defeat ativan and now i am told it is my master.  for a few days, a few months, the rest of my life, i don’t know.

i was first prescribed ativan six years ago while going through a painful separation from my then husband (who is now my ex-husband and one of my closest friends).

i was first prescribed ativan six years ago while going through a painful separation from my then husband (who is now my ex-husband and one of my closest friends).


a few months ago, i made a commitment to break up with ativan.  i saw him a little less, refused his blandishments, told him i didn’t want to go out anymore.  i thought he understood.  but he’s a seductive pill.  sweet talking, seemingly harmless, whispering sweet somethings in my ear.  and when he was combined with mr. pinot grigio, i was as pliable as the butter i forgot to put back in the refrigerator after i made the breakfast toast.

what next?  i don’t know.  i have to go down on my own to the airport, and find my way home.  and maybe there, i can shut the door and make the world and its swords and slings and arrows go away.

at long last a book and a very personal book signing

i have been partnering with tate publishing company in oklahoma and i’m happy to say that face2facebook will be hitting to store shelves in april. but you can have a sneak preview (and even order the book) at http://www.tatepublishing.com/bookstore/book.php?w=9781625630810

it’s all about my year of adventure on facebook and if you buy the book, i have to come over to your house and autograph it.