f2fb friend #107 has her own intentions about the year. . .

i am shaking as i write this because i’m about to start on a nine day barnstorming friend trip throughout the eastern united states and i can’t get myself to leave the house.  there’s a storm out there.  and i’m pretty sure i’m having a heart attack or a brain aneurysm or a nervous breakdown all at the same time.  but i have an intention, a new year’s eve resolution made in haste without regard to consequences.

at least somebody is packed and ready to go!

my friend laurie carver is someone i only see at parties or when she hosts her cabi line of dresses.  she has been a businesswoman for many years and i was surprised when she told me about her new bracelet.

i have been hearing again and again of people looking for love and i don’t think that urge leaves us until our last breath.

laurie and i grew up with the feminism of gloria steinem, ms. magazine, national organization for women, breaking that glass ceiling, power suits.  so i was really surprised at what she had to say about men and women.

laurie is someone i’m going to be checking back in with.  because if that bracelet brings her intention to fruition, i’m going to want one that will give me courage.  me and the lion, who sings

What makes the muskrat guard his musk?
Courage! What makes the sphinx the seventh wonder?
Courage! What makes the dawn come up like thunder?
Courage! What makes the Hottentot so hot? What puts the “ape” in apricot?
What have they got that I ain’t got?


there is just one thing i have to do now–get in the damn car!

2 responses to “f2fb friend #107 has her own intentions about the year. . .

  • Me-n-Jesus

    Just as the Wizard helped Lion and the others to see, just as Laurie has come to see, you have the courage, you have both the masculine and the feminine powers. They’re right there inside you all along. And they are strong and daring. All you need to do is acknowledge them. And that’s what you do each and every time you take that last deep breath and – “get in the damn car!”

    I’m looking forward to the pedi party on the 7th. That’s going to be one of my steps out of the comfort zone. I’ve never had a pedicure before. It will be a special treat for a special weekend.

    Blessings to you, and travel mercies as you go on this barnstorming trip. Can’t wait to hear about east coast friends.

    • arlynnpresser

      it sounds like we will have nicole fleming and the boys have opted out. this is a great “feminine energy” thing! i’m in ohio now! much love and happy belated easter! christ has died, christ has risen, christ will come again!

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